Saturday, June 27, 2009

Basil Lover's Lunch

Basil, Basil, Basil. Who doesn't love basil? I got some fresh basil and honey wheat bread at the farmers market and put those into one of the best sandwiches that I've ever eaten!

Sandwiches are so easy, and quick, and the options and variety are unlimited! Other than the basil and bread that I got at the market, I just looked through the refrigerator to see what I had (and as a college student, in the summer, sometimes the options are limited)!

The combination of flavors that I was able to scrounge up was pretty great, though! I found a great, nutty pesto sauce that I had made a few weeks prior and had in the refrigerator! I slathered one side of the bread with some of the garlicky, nutty, basily pesto sauce, smells great already!

Munster cheese is one of my favorites for sandwiches, and turkey is my all time favorite sandwich meat, so its no surprise that those were two of the things I scrounged up.

Sliced some apple to add some sweetness and layered some basil leaves on top... smoked turkey gives the last essential ingredient!

...and a sandwich like this gets exponentially better when grilled panini style! The Foreman grill works great if you don't have a panini griller, but the classic skillet will work as well.

When finished, this sandwich was pretty close to perfect. The apple was sweet, and crunchy, the pesto gave a nice, moist garlic and basil flavor, the melted cheese adds a little tang and blends the flavors together. And when you get a bite of the fresh basil with the sweet toasted bread and the savory turkey...perfection.